Monday, November 12, 2012

It's been a while EGYPT

BOOM ... I guess I am back to blogging ... at least its my very personal blog with almost no followers which is good, here I can have as much middle fingers as I can and no one to keep on following and judging. Ok back to lovely bloody lovely Egypt, its shameful huh, how can someone hate ...YES hate the country they carry its nationality, grew up in and uh their country...well I DO,,, I hate it, whats the wrong with that, who the hell are you to judge me, I hate everything, my memories in it, I hate the people, not all of them as some are really not that bad bt most of them, hate the streets, the traffic, the attitude, the pollution. Guess what I hate most ...this damn fucking stupid double faced Egyptians. Yes idiots, filthy minded creatures, whats so difficult about believing in something and just sticking to it, whats damn difficult about minding your fucking business and stop judging others, whats so damn wrong about just working and focusing on yourself instead of digging your nose in every single detail of somebody else's life ...freaky stupid creatures...whats wrong with just respecting one another differences, stop opposing for the sake of opposing, stop provoking to feel more good about yourself, as if you are somebody...damn! Yes I am pissed off, and guess I will always be, I know they say a heaven without people is an unbearable place...but let me rephrase it here and say simply a heaven with Egyptians is HELL ! GO TO HELL

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