Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to begin life from where everybody else is ending it

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, tells the story of Benjamin Button, a man who starts aging backwards with bizarre consequences, and how life isn't measured in minutes, but in moments. And how your life is defined by its opportunities... even the ones you miss. You never know what's comin' for you no matter which road you chose or how different you were created, or even how you started or going to end.

Yet in every ones life journey and along the way you bump into people who make a dent on your life. Some people get struck by lightning yet stood up and resumed. Some are born to sit by a river and viewed life from a totally different prespective. Some have an ear for music yet never dared to play an insturment. Some are artists who werent given the opportunity but they always knew about their talents. Some swim the English Channel and never gave up on reaching their dreams. Some know buttons and care for nothing but it. Some know Shakespeare and expressed themselves through others. Some are mothers as passionate, self giving and love unconditionally. And some people can dance and breath through it.

T.S Eliot was quoted saying "everytime we meet we are total strangers", now one might travel, meet new people, experience life differently, taste it differently, get struck by a lightening, hit by a car, lose a lover, go through different life cycles till you decide on resting or slowing your paces and something finding finds peace in getting back to where it all began believing its going to be the same, believing you can, yet as the movie illustrated it ... It's a funny thing about comin' home. Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. You'll realize what's changed is you. and its never the same.

For what it's worth: it's never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There's no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you're proud of. If you find that you're not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again. So everyday if you are blessed by being alive, start your life all over again, you have today but you have no clue about tomorrow, so capture what you have got.

we're meant to lose the people we love. How else would we know how important they are to us? no you can just go on living knowing the fact that you got to let go and care for what you have right now and cherish every single moment with those you love the most as the day will come when you will regret most not letting them know how much you loved them just because you had no idea you loved them that much.

You can be as mad as a mad dog at the way things went. You could swear, curse the fates, but when it comes to the end, you have to let go. We all got to let go, let go of dreams that are not meant to be, let go of a life thats not for us, let go of clinging to what we cant rely on, let go of pain and suffer and move on. Cursing your luck and the self pity will lead to the same end, so no matter how angry one can be with life, we will all end up letting go of it.

I would listen to the house breathin'. All those people sleepin'. I felt... safe. Always dreamed of independency, living on my own till I find someone to share life with, now when one experienced losing those whom he took for granted, whom he considered as an emotional burden, when they are gone, when they stop breathing, when one loses this warmth of their breath around him, I guess by then sleeping safely wont be guaranteed anymore.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Extracts from the funniest black comedy blog ever

I really enjoyed reading her posts, Ghada abd el 3al book now is among the best seller...she the funniest ever Egyptian girl who managed to present our problems in the most sarcastic funny manner ever.
Ghada tackles the usual common female problems of our time rather than sexual harassment and women suppression. She when discussing marriage, divorce, singlehood is just helping in finding us a path through which we will connect and not feel so bad about ourselves.
Ghada managed by going with the saying "haam ybaki wee haamm yda7ak" to excel in
drawing a smile on our faces when reading her blog in times of despair so we can all share a laugh over what some might consider misery.

يا أخي البنات مقصفوين الرقبة دول خلاص إستقووا و افتروا

إفتروا إيه ..قول توحشوا ..البنت من دول بقى يندب في عينها رصاصة

رايحة الشغل ..جاية من النادي ..رايحة الدرس ..راجعة من السينما

لا بقوا يتثبتوا ولا يتظبطوا و كله كوم و اللي حبست الواد اللي كان بيعاكسها دي كوم ..فين بنات زمان ..ولا واحدة كانت بتفتح بقها
و قد كان ..قررنا نحن الإخوة الرجال المقهورون إننا صحيح رجالة ..بس من زمان ماوقفناش وقفة رجالة ..ضد سيطرة المرأة على كل مجريات الحياة..ضد زحف جحافل النساء و شراذم الفتيات على كل المهن و المواقع ..ضد مشيهم في الشارع ..ضد ركوبهم الميكروباصات ..ضد إعتراضهم لما حد يمد إيده كده والا كده ..ملعونييييين في كللللللل كتاااااااااب ..ما هم اللي بيجيبوه لنفسهم ..اللي ماشية لوحدها ..عشان نفسها تتعاكس..و اللي ماشية مع أبوها والا أخوها و إيش عرف الناس مين ده إن شاء الله ..و اللي راكبه عربية لوحدها ..مش عارفه إن الموضوع ده بيثير الغرائز و اللي راكبه مع واحد جنبها ..مش عارفة إن شرف البنت زي سلك الفرامل ؟..اللي لابسه قصير ..أستغفر الله العظيم ..و اللي لابسه طويل ..إلهي تولعوا بجاز ..ما احنا بنفضل نفكر يا ترى اللبس الطويل ده مخبيه تحته إيه؟ ..اللي خارجة في العيد الصغير دون أي إعتبار لإن الناس لسه خارجة من صيام ..و اللي خارجة في العيد الكبير و الناس نفسها مفتوحة ع اللحمة ..و كله كوم و اللي خارجة في عيد العمال دي كوم .. ما احنا معذورين لما نظن فيها الظنون لأن كل الناس عارفة إن عيد العمال ده هو عيد "المكن" ..ولا سابوا شغلانة إلا و اشتغلوها ..ولا سابوا دراسة إلا ودرسوها ....خايليننا في الرايحة و الجاية ..ماتكنوا في حتة و تريحونا بقى ..و تقعدوا في بيوتكم و تسيبونا ناكل

Desperate times call for desperate measures

I think its a cry all over the world. Being a woman, a female is now a synonymous in various communities in the entire world to suppression, oppression, being considered a minority and having all your rights violated.

When it comes to sexual assault rates, Africa is said to be the highest of all, a matter that pushed women to consider new protection terms the world never heard of before. Now victims can rest sure that even when attacked, this rapist will instantly get what he deserves, and thats why Rape-aXe is invented for.

With the sexual harassment cases piling up in Egypt nowadays, I guess soon enough women will reach new terms of protection, it doesn’t have to be as violent as that of the South African women, but since we pledged for our rights and still can't guarantee being safe when walking in our streets, then I guess no one to blame us when looking for new terms of safety measures that will at least stand out as a clear proof that we too can hit back.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Excerpt: 'The Caged Virgin' by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

"The Caged Virgin", is said to be a number of essays written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I didnt get it yet & didnt read it, but in my search as I am too questioning my religion more than doubting God's existence, I came to find few paragraphs online of which when reading I had a sort of mixed feelings that I cant identify yet. However, I will be looking for her book "Infidel", as I do agree with Ayaan in many of her presented thoughts specially those about women and Islamophobia yet not all what she presented in the few I read appealed to me, and I am not an Islamic expert to conclude with a satisfying response to that now.
For me its kindda different as I managed to a certain extent to separate religion from Arab Eastern culture, traditions, beliefs and customs. I too still wondering and questioning alot of matters in Islam, I "with all respect to prophet Mohammed" who is a humanbeing messenger dont care much & dont consider "Hadith" to be a base or reference to get back to when being challenged.
Quran so far is my reference to a religion I inherited and didnt choose, convinced with to a certain extent but in the phase of questioning many of its rules, there is nothing wrong with that, why use others brains while you are granted one?!
On the other hand , in here not all what Ayaan said is pasted, just few paragraphs from The Caged Virgin excerpt. I dont agree with few of what she mentioned and didnt care much for the parts in which she was calling for Western intellects to help (not included). To me, her asking for "Western help" is nothing but a proof that her main problem with the religion (that she maybe disregarded) is the cultural Eastern ideology imposed on Islam, rather than Islam itself. Still I do agree with many and I kindda highlighted her words for that, yet dont agree with much and can easily state why. Religions in general conquer humans by emotionally manipulating them then intellectuallychallenging them. Fear is common, how can you worship without fear, we fear eachother, the Western intellects she is calling for help fear Muslims blind violence. Fear is to exist for a reason, you fear God you follow his rules, you fear your parents, you behave, you fear society you surrend, its always fear that might push towards something... you fear you are wrong, you question, they fear you might be right so they fight you...and so on.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote....
My parents brought me up to be a Muslim -- a good Muslim. Islam dominated the lives of our family and relations down to the smallest detail. It was our ideology, our political conviction, our moral standard, our law, and our identity. We were first and foremost Muslim and only then Somali. Muslims, as we were taught the meaning of the name, are people who submit themselves to Allah's will, which is found in the Koran and the Hadith, a collection of sayings ascribed to the Prophet Muhammad. I was taught that Islam sets us apart from the rest of the world, the world of non-Muslims. We Muslims are chosen by God. They, the others, the kaffirs, the unbelievers, are antisocial, impure, barbaric, not circumcised, immoral, unscrupulous, and above all, obscene; they have no respect for women; their girls and women are whores; many of the men are homosexual; men and women have sex without being married. The unfaithful are cursed, and God will punish them most atrociously in the hereafter. There are also Christians and Jews who raise their children in the belief that they are God's chosen people, but among Muslims the feeling that God has granted them special salvation goes further.

About twelve years ago, at age twenty-two, I arrived in Western Europe, on the run from an arranged marriage. I soon learned that God and His truth had been humanized here. For Muslims life on earth is merely a transitory stage before the hereafter; but here people are also allowed to invest in their lives as mortals. What is more, hell seems no longer to exist, and God is a god of love rather than a cruel ruler who metes out punishments. I began to take a more critical look at my faith and discovered three important elements of Islam that had not particularly struck me before.
The first of these is that a Muslim's relationship with his God is one of fear. A Muslim's conception of God is absolute. Our God demands total submission. He rewards you if you follow His rules meticulously. He punishes you cruelly if you break His rules, both on earth, with illness and natural disasters, and in the hereafter, with hellfire.

The second element is that Islam knows only one moral source: the Prophet Muhammad. Muhammad is infallible. You would almost believe he is himself a god, but the Koran says explicitly that Muhammad is a human being; he is a supreme human being, though, the most perfect human being. We must live our lives according to his example. What is written in the Koran is what God said as it was heard by Muhammad. The thousands of hadiths -- accounts of what Muhammad said and did, and the advice he gave, which survives in weighty books -- tell us exactly how a Muslim was supposed to live in the seventh century. Devout Muslims consult these works daily to answer questions about life in the twenty-first century.

The third element is that Islam is strongly dominated by a sexual morality derived from tribal Arab values dating from the time the Prophet received his instructions from Allah, a culture in which women were the property of their fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, or guardians. The essence of a woman is reduced to her hymen. Her veil functions as a constant reminder to the outside world of this stifling morality that makes Muslim men the owners of women and obliges them to prevent their mothers, sisters, aunts, sisters-in-law, cousins, nieces, and wives from having sexual contact. And we are not just talking about cohabitation. It is an offense if a woman glances in the direction of a man, brushes past his arm, or shakes his hand. A man's reputation and honor depend entirely on the respectable, obedient behavior of the female members of his family.

These three elements explain largely why Muslim nations are lagging behind the West and, more recently, also lagging behind Asia. In order to break through the mental bars of this trinity, behind which the majority of Muslims are restrained, we must begin with a critical self-examination. But any Muslim who asks critical questions about Islam is immediately branded a "deserter." A Muslim who advocates the exploration of sources for morality, in addition to those of the Prophet Muhammad, will be threatened with death, and a woman who withdraws from the virgins' cage is branded a whore.

Through my personal experiences, through reading a great deal and speaking to others, I have come to realize that the existence of Allah, of angels, demons, and a life after death, is at the very least disputable. If Allah exists at all, we must not regard His word as absolute, but challenge it. I once wrote about my doubts regarding my faith in the hope of starting a discussion. I was immediately confronted by zealous Muslims, men and women who wanted to have me excommunicated. They even went so far as to say that I deserved to die because I had dared to call into question the absolute truth of Allah's word. They took me to court to prevent me from criticizing the faith I had been born into, from asking questions about the regulations and gods that Allah's messenger has imposed upon us. An Islamic fundamentalist murdered Theo van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker who helped me make Submission: Part I, a film about the relationship between the individual and God, in particular about the individual woman and God. And he threatened to kill me, too, a threat that others have also pledged to fulfill.

Like other thinking people, I like to tap into sources of wisdom, morality, and imagination other than religious texts -- other books besides the Koran and accounts of the Prophet -- and I would like other Muslims to tap into them, too. Just because Spinoza, Voltaire, John Stuart Mill, Kant, or Bertrand Russell are not Islamic and have no Islamic counterparts does not mean that Muslims should steer clear of these and other Western philosophers. Yet, at present, reading works by Western thinkers is regarded as disrespectful to the Prophet and Allah's message. This is a serious misconception. Why should it not be permitted to abide by all the good things Muhammad has urged us to do (such as his advice to be charitable toward the poor and orphans), while at the same time adding to our lives and outlook the ideas of other moral philosophers? After all, the fact that the Wright brothers were not Islamic has not stopped Muslims from traveling by air. By adopting the technical inventions of the West without its courage to think independently, we perpetuate the mental stagnation in Islamic culture, passing it on from one generation to the next.

The most important explanation for the mental and material backlog we Muslims find ourselves in should probably be sought in the sexual morality that we are force-fed from birth (see chapter 3, "The Virgins' Cage"). I would like to invite all people like me who had an Islamic upbringing to compare and contrast J. S. Mill's essay "On the Subjection of Women" (1869) with what the Prophet Muhammad has to say on the subject of women. Both were undeniably interested in the role of women, but there is a vast difference between Muhammad and Mill. For instance, Mill considered his beloved wife an intellectual equal; Muhammad was a polygamist and wrote that men have authority over women because God made one superior to the other. Mill, a model of calm reason in the face of contentious issues, argued that if freedom is good for men, it is good for women, a position that today most of the modern world considers unassailable.

Yet any investigation into the Islamic trinity by a Muslim is thought to be an act of complete betrayal of the religion and the Prophet. It is extremely painful for a believer to try to question. And it is extremely painful for a believer to hear that other Muslims are questioning the Islamic trinity. Muslim's strong emotions and condemnations of people who do question the trinity impress outsiders, myself included, especially when they are expressed on a massive scale by entire communities and even nations, as has happened in Egypt, Iran, and Indonesia.

A quick look at Islamic history shows us that critical voices from within Islam have almost all been either killed or exiled. I find myself in good company: Salman Rushdie, Irshad Manji, Taslima Nasreen, Muhammad Abu Zaid -- they all have been threatened by fellow believers and are now being guarded by non-Muslims.

My own criticism of Islamic religion and culture is felt by some to be "harsh," "offensive," and "hurtful." But the attitude of the cultural experts is, in fact, harsher, and more offensive and hurtful. They feel superior and do not regard Muslims as equal discussion partners, but as the "others" who should be shielded. And they think that criticism of Islam should be avoided because they are afraid that Muslims can only respond to criticism with anger and violence. These cultural experts are badly letting down us Muslims who have obeyed the call to show our sense of public responsibility and are speaking out.

Copyright ©2002, 2004 by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Augustus Publishers. English translation copyright ©2006 by Jane Brown

Monday, February 9, 2009

OK ...stop using mobiles

Fine, thats exactly what I need, seriously with curfews and continious endless phone calls of where the hell are you now, young lady u better get back home right now threats, I guess this stupid google service is just getting on my nerves.

Google has launched a tracking service that lets parents keep an eye on their children - and wives keep tabs on their husbands - round the clock. The software allows owners of mobile phones or BlackBerry hand-held computers to have their whereabouts followed by family and friends anywhere around the world. Once the service is activated, the location of a person's phone appears as a blue dot on a map on the screen of whoever is allowed to monitor them.

The Latitude feature is being promoted by Google as a 'fun' way to 'keep tabs on someone special'. However, it will raise concerns about privacy - and whether it is encouraging a Big Brother culture. The software is included in the latest version of Google 'This adds a social flavour to Google maps and makes it more fun,' said Steve Lee, a Google product manager.

Google insisted there was no threat to privacy. It was up to each user to decide whether to make their location visible to other people - and who could monitor their location. The service was designed to help people keep in touch, a spokesman added. Once switched on, it plots the user's location by using information from mobile phone towers and global positional systems. If a phone is equipped with GPS, then it pinpoints the location to within a few yards. If it isn't, the location is only accurate to hundreds of yards - or in rural areas with few mobile phone masts, several miles. It requires each user to turn on the tracking system, and then choose who they want to share their location with.

People can decide to accept or reject requests from other people to share locations. Google says the service is not open to abuse. It is promising not to store any information about its users' movements. Only the last location picked up by the tracking service will be stored centrally. A Google spokesman said: 'You can choose to hide your location from any person, or just give them a city-wide location. 'You can also type in your location manually. 'That means someone can put in their office, when really they are down the pub.' Google said it developed the tracking system's privacy settings after holding talks with charities helping the victims of domestic abuse.

There had been fears that violent husbands could insist their wives use the feature to keep track of their movements. It will initially be available on BlackBerry mobile phones and devices running the Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 operating systems, such as most Nokia phones. It will be available to iPhone users in the users in the next few weeks and will work abroad in 26 countries, including the United States.



Sunday, February 8, 2009

Better in Time ...

yeah its for real .... a sex bomb

All right one can understand that being raped, shamed, prisoned and traded by your own father and brothers can easily lead to manipulating psychologically these doomed female suicide bombers. YES I understand that the fact of blowing themselves up is not because they are seeking paradise or "72 virgin males", its just for the sake of fleeing the hell of their lives on Earth, and I really sympathize with them BUT where the hell did they get such ideas from ....

'In paradise the male martyr gets 72 virgins but the female martyr becomes queen of those virgins. The rest of the virgins are her maids and they wait on her. She is the best and most beloved.'
OMG total nonsense, bullshit, what the hell is that, then you are a queen in heaven becuz u blowed yourself up and killed Jews and Americans, now u r to be the queen of virgins, great...good luck on that pathetic moron.... but since u will be their queen, u better stay a virgin cuz that would just be the ultimate dream, you will be the virgin queen of virgins for sick male martyrs in heaven. Have u ever wondered what these virgins will be for the male creatures in "heaven"?! ... good luck with that.

'In our religion it is forbidden for a girl's body to be uncovered even at home. How could a girl allow her body to be smashed to pieces and then collected up by Jews? This is absolutely forbidden.'
Right, in YOUR RELIGION its forbidden to be a female, you should be bured alive the moment u were born, how dare u come to this world without a "P" ...and surrrrrre a piece of your naked arm or finger, a bone from your torn skull or piece of your naked brain "if it is there at the first place" would just work on turning on jews who would go crazy jumping up and down in joy, running to collect your naked pieces from streets and kiss it in joy .... DAMMIT PEOPLE ARE U REAL!!!!!

'With a man it's different. For us, a girl can't show her leg or wear a short T-shirt. How can you then be a good Muslim woman and expose your body to the world? What Manal was doing recruiting those girls was wrong,'
YES thats exactly why its not right, u cant blow yourself into 1000 unidentified pieces and be a good Muslim ... DUH ... what the hell were u thinking...these pieces will be NAKED woman.....sorry guess u better wait till they invent a bomb that will blow u up wrapped in ur black filthy clothes, otherwise...sorry heaven is already full with male bombers, there is no place for u ... WOMAN yuck ....#F@F@@!#$shit


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Extracts from Mona Eltahawy's Blog that I love...

• I was born into a Muslim family and I choose to remain a Muslim, a proud one. But I cannot believe that God considers two women to be equal to one man for example, as advocated by those who say it takes the testimony of two women to equal that of one man. To do so would require a turning off of my intellect, stooping to a pretence that I reject. And I cannot believe that God has given a man the right to discipline me if I am “rebellious” or “disobedient” as our You Tube imams and scholars claim with their various sermons on what can be used to exact that discipline.
• There are many things in other holy books that believers have let go in the recognition that they are no longer acceptable in our world today. And the Quran is no different. And many of our imams and scholars have indulged in such contextualizing of their own plenty of times and regarding many issues. But there is always one exception – they are fixated on women and on nailing our feet to the 7th century instead of leaving us be in the 21st.
• One of their biggest ruses is that old axiom “Islam is for all times and places”. My answer: yes, the essential message of Islam is for all times and all places but there are some things in the Quran that even they would agree were specific to their time and place. Their retort would be that I can’t pick and choose but must take it all or leave it. The “all” that I would have to take of course would be determined by them and it is full of what they have picked and chosen.
• From the near obsession with the way a woman dresses you would think that half the Quran was dedicated to a woman’s wardrobe whereas there are in fact just two verses that deal with a woman’s dress.
• My faith resides deep in my heart, but it has been hard at times to reconcile my heart with my mind, which too often recoils at the blatant misogyny that centuries of male-dominated interpretation of my religion have wrought. We are taught that Islam gave women rights more than 1,400 years ago that made them the envy of women in Europe’s Dark Ages. When European women were mere chattel, Muslim women gained the right to inherit and own property. But now the descendants of those women who envied Muslim women in the seventh century have moved far ahead. Where is that spirit of the early days of Islam?
• If God included us in the narrative, who has kept us out? Answer: The imams and scholars and their ilk around the world who have let the Muslim world down. Their apathy and disinclination to speak out against misogyny in the name of Islam long ago turned many of us off and encouraged us to move beyond them and towards setting our own agenda.
• “I am not the Quran in motion,” I would tell them.
And when I had decided, after years of struggling with it, that I would remove my hijab, my biggest fight was with myself. I wished I could keep it on so that I could “show” the West/non-Muslims and everyone really that you could be intelligent, stylish and wear hijab. But the distance between the external “me” and the internal “me” – who I felt myself to be – had grown too far and it was time to reconcile the outside with the inside, without any need to prove anything to anyone but to be true to myself. The liberators assured me I looked so much better with the headscarf off which just added to my guilt exponentially. In fact, I deliberately went to a bad hairdresser so that no one – read: I – would think I’d taken off my hijab because I wanted to look good or anything that frivolous.
• For too many Muslims, if my hair is uncovered, I’m not Muslim enough. For too many non-Muslims, if my hair is uncovered, then I’m that rare example of a “free” Muslim woman.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NOT Kissing the Frog ....

In the happily-ever- after fairytales that they deluded our childhood and some adulthood with, it's usually a beautiful teenage princess who needs rescuing and a charming brave handsome prince -who is a warty frog waiting for a magical kiss-. Such tales usually include a castle, a gallant horse, a villain, a fairy godmother or wise mentor, and yeah nice singing bees and flowers. They meet by a stroke of fate and fall in love without considering faith, values, cultural background or emotional baggage and sure since both are well off why the hell would they consider financials. So in no time they develop a lasting commitment, trust and unconditional love, and sure live happily ever after since the only obstacle is the witch ... is gone. Uh there is no need to point out that the simple success of their relationship is entirely built on outward beauty and status. … so bare with me

Now… if we are to reconsider the "Fairy tale" and go with it through time till we reach the 21st century. I guess I will be having one version of the story here but with different possible endings. Lets see …hmmmm uh, so fast-forward to our time, falling into what appears to be a lasting, passionate love that will surpass the test of time without struggle or hard work, there’s no fairy godmother, no horse or SUV, but fact is the only thing this modern princess will find is very few available frogs that will never turn into "Prince Charming", some frogs who are already taken and not worth it, and unfortunately some frogs who are just fine but they prefer fellow frogs over her …uh life! And with as much kisses that she can give and to some maybe other kind of compromises, none of the frogs is to ever turn into her charming prince. So lets say our modern princess, the grown-up girl in her late 20s early 30s who happened to be lucky enough to be financially independent, well educated, intelligent and maybe even a manager of a project or in a company, fashionable, successful and traveled around, she for a certain kind of reason "maybe giving up, boredom, stroke by a lighting or just losing any sense of reason" considers settling for the least warty frog she can find. "Maybe he’ll change over time", she hopes … no actually she prays.

She goes out in all kind of dates, blind dates, arranged dates, dark dates, online dates... all for the mission of the slight chance of finding her frog in one of these dates. She bare silliness, narrow minded, sick ego, extremism, Machismo and sure childish attitude of many frogs. She the one dying to fall in love, draws a fake picture of the slightly good frog among them and fall for him in her mind to wake up to discover him being nothing but another frog who will cause her regret, different kind of pain, and leaving behind emotional distance and loathsome feelings making her a more resentful sad creature.

Yet since clock is ticking, and she dying for settling, being loved, not dying alone and maybe having kids, her search methods are almost expired, she forces herself to new kind of compromise, possibility, and maybes. Now let's assume she does find a frog, and they agree on dealing with communication difficulties, disappointed expectations, unresolved hurt feelings, long line of differences, sexual history, emotional baggage and insecurities. Let's say they agree that real life has acnes, bad hair days, fat cells and not enough money to look charming forever specially after the extra burden of having children. Now reaching this point wont require me to narrate what's next, I can give you a couple of endings, but I can assure you one thing, among these endings there will be no happily ever after one, and we better rest sure about that.

-The End -

OMG .... whatta a nation !

A statue built for Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi, who hurled his shoes at former U.S. president George Bush, is seen in Tikrit, 150 km (95 miles) Baghdad, January 27, 2009.


on the same subject .... KHODHOM YA RAB

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Student flees Taliban in 'Pakistan's Switzerland'

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) -- The targeting of girls' schools shows an anti-women bias by the militants, who advocate an extreme following of a version of Islamic law, according to Islamabad-based human rights activist Tahira Abdullah. She adds it's almost as if the Taliban does not want women to exist. "And if they do exist, they need to be within the four walls of their house compound; they need to be veiled," a teenage female student said.



A Sudanese man has been sentenced to 30 lashes for smoking on a domestic Saudi Arabian Airlines flight. Wearing just a thin shirt, he will be flogged by a policeman wielding a slim reed who must hold a book under his arm to prevent him using too much force.

The strokes are not meant to leave permanent damage but to inflict painful welts that bleed and bruise. The unnamed smoker refused repeated requests from cabin crew to stub out his cigarette on a flight to the Red Sea port of Jeddah from Qurayyat in northern Saudi Arabia. He was arrested when the aircraft landed in Jeddah and promptly handed over to police.

The man apologised in court - and to prove his penitence presented evidence that he was attending a clinic to help him kick his heavy smoking habit.
But the judge was keen to make an example and gave a sentence designed to serve as a deterrent.

Smoking is banned in many public places in the conservative desert Kingdom but the law is often brazenly flouted. Smoking was outlawed on domestic flights of Saudi’s national carrier SAA in 1987 and on overseas flights in 1999. Last April a man caught smoking on a domestic Saudi flight was sentenced to 50 lashes. His cigarette triggered a smoke alarm that led to panic among passengers.

Under Saudi’s Sharia or Islamic law, flogging is common for a number morals offences ranging from adultery to being alone in the company of an unrelated person of the opposite sex. But it can also be used at the discretion of judges as an alternative or addition to other punishments. Sentences can range from dozens to thousands of lashes. For those sentenced to hundreds of lashes the punishment is carried out over a period of months in batches of 50.

Human rights groups condemn lashing as a degrading and inhuman punishment.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Up a new hill….

Riding your bike freely believing the world is your playground, you stumble, you fall, get up, you fall again, this time its harder, you believe you wont be falling this way ever again as now you know all about riding your way in this life, then you fall again, a stone, a rock and maybe fall down a hill, you just keep on getting up and falling. Then one day, the very tired bleeding you get up believing you will never ride again, but you are forced to, you look around to see if anybody saw you falling that much so you can hide from them believing that if they knew how you failed they will judge you. Then you step back, look at your wounds and start on feeling the pain, you got wounds everywhere, your knees are really hurting, and you are bleeding, yet you heal and start over again but every now and then you check up for the wounds, they won't magically vanish, they wont easily go, however they will heal yet there will always be scars.

The scars will keep reminding you of your falls, the hurt. Them being different and many will remind you how you once didn’t give up and kept on riding your bike and kept on getting hurt. Some are deep and some are barely seen, even scars can vanish and will be forever forgotten. They start big as they say but they grow smaller. At the beginning you fear showing them as this would be nothing but an indication of how badly you have been hurt and how many wounds you have got, people might use this against you, they might judge, maybe worse they might use you as they know now how fragile you have become with all these scars covering you, it doesn’t have to be an indication of being powerful getting up and trying and falling more, to them it could just be a proof of how tired you should have become. They might even believe you are far away from reason as how come you never learned from your lessons, how come you didn't once stop and reconsider, why didn’t you avoid this rock, why did you in the first place chose getting up this hill.

People wont get to know the difference between your scars, to them they are all the same, but you know every and each one and you might even remember when did you get it, which year, which friend or lover, who stabbed you from the back, who used you, hurt you, caused you pain, who did you lost forever, who turned his back on you and who just betrayed you. Some scars got nothing to do with others; it could just be life, misfortune, or even fate. Sometimes it could be you, as you yourself did hurt yourself, intentionally or not, that's not the issue, the scar is there to remind you.

You might decide being tough and never getting hurt anymore, you decide as you are forced to ride the bike that you better watch out and never fall again. On your trip you even decide that for this picture to be perfect you better hide these scars, you paint and paste on them so they wont be visible and people wont stare, you cover them up, if they saw them they will know how fragile you are, they might hurt and maybe judge or even worse as they might pity you and that’s the last thing you would ever want. You did a great job hiding, all your techniques are perfect, you managed perfectly to delude them, you are tough and rude, not weak and shy, that’s better now they will just back off. However, those who were riding their bikes beside you still know about the real you, they know well how you are faking it, they can see through the clothes, even worse, they can see through your soul, there are scars there too, maybe more ugly than the apparent ones, and you forgot all about them in your disguising perfect scheme, its obvious and no matter how you pretended, some did manage easily to see them.

You forgot you are not the only one who did fall, you forgot about others being just like you, you pretended not to care, yes they got hurt and maybe they just bleed as much as you did but the difference is you never stop and point out while many just did. Their cruelty hurts more, those who judge, blame and make fun of your misery, those who didn’t even care to check on you, give you a hand and just stood still bragging about how they managed not to fall your falls, how they managed to heal easily as that’s how tough they are. You feel ashamed and try your best to avoid those people as all they do is reminding you of your pain and even worse they might refer to it in a funny way that would help in nothing but deepening it and add more to the shame.

It’s a double standard society that we live in, and sure people love nothing as much as seeing others falling specially those who pretend being tough and being reputed and marketed well as powerful. There is something weird about people, they feel a kind of nourishment in their soul, a certain kind of happiness and fulfillment for being better than those who maybe tried and failed. In others failures they taste a certain kind of gratification and believe they are winners for just not being in your shoes. It’s a bizarre kind of success that they didn’t work for, guess they don’t believe in the no pain no gain saying anymore and for them its all about no pain always gain, maybe safe, one wont bother questioning!

So what's after covering and hiding, maybe its time to stop this useless effort of just quitting life for the sake of being afraid of it, quitting people cause you are so tired of handling their criticism. What about showing the world your scars, your soul scars, at the very end you are a human. They can point out at you as much as they want, why would you bother or even care. The scars could be an indication of your failure and misfortune but can also stand as a proof of how brave you are. And when people pointing and judging you, you better point with them saying yes I have them and yes I am getting over them and that’s why I am showing them. Maybe they will heal faster, maybe they will just disappear, but one got to try and get up again, more careful than before for sure, get back and ride the bike, try a new route, ride up a new hill, challenge something new and examine how tough your scars made you. Maybe in a new journey a new you will be discovered, a real strong one, not just the one you have been faking to cover your shattered soul.